Let's mix things up! 

Each month we create our own blend; hand picked from our selection of high quality fragrance oils! These blends are only suggestions and we encourage you to create your own. 

Blending fragrances opens up a whole new world for your products! Instead of waiting and hoping to find the perfect fragrance that screams "YOU", pick a few of our fragrances to mix and smell the magic in your candles, soaps, body butters, wax melts, room sprays, and more! 

When finding the perfect mixture, we prefer to smell them together in their individual bottles before making the final decision. This gives us a 50/50 ratio of the two fragrances blended together. Of course, you can add as much of each as you'd like. (Remember to stick to your fragrance:wax ratio to prevent a fragrance overload. We recommend 1.5oz per pound of wax). 

July's Blend

1 part Love Hope Denim

1 part Sea Salt Rosemary