Large Soy/Pillar Wax Melt Kit

$27.00 $25.00
Please specify the 2 fragrance oils you would like included in the kit.

Wax melts are trending!  Skip the hassle of finding the perfect wick and pour into some clamshells. 

Our wax melt kits have everything you need to get started, so start heating up your hot plate! 

Large Soy/Pillar Wax Melt Kit:
1lb Soy Wax
1lb CCS-PW Wax
(2) 1 oz Fragrance Oil of your choosing
(6) Square 6-Cavity Clamshells
(6) Pie Shape 6-Cavity Clamshells 
(2) Single Square Clamshell

You have the option to make your own para-soy blend by blending the two waxes together and pouring into your mold.